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EaGeR Creations

EaGeR Creations is created by Eager Minded Nomeshwer Sharma. The owner and the editor of this blog. This blog is created for you.

The motive of this blog is

  1. To provide you latest updates, Information and news.
  2. To Provide you Educational videos and Text. 
  3. To enhance your skill.
  4. To entertain you
  5. To Motivate you.

About Nomeshwer Sharma

                 Nomeshwer Sharma is a boy of 17 years. He was born on 2001 in the small village of Mahunag. He is currently studying in Govt. College Karsog.  He passed is high school education from the village school Mahunag. After passing his 10th class examination he go to Karsog school for further studies. He took admission in Science stream. His journey in the field of computer science starts when he was in his 11th class. Day by day he become interest in HTML and Java script. Now he has created his own blog and a YouTube channel. Subscribe his YouTube channel EaGeR Nomeshwer Sharma

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